Leadership Experiences


As a Customer Service Booth Clerk, I have handled accounting, returns/exchanges, opening, and closing operations. I was then appointed in 2010 to train all the booth clerks who were hired to understand the procedures in the office. I also volunteered to train the cashiers, and act as a point of contact for the newer staff if the managers were unavailable. 

2009 - 2013 - Safeway Inc.

2012 - Present

Being an Administrative Assistant at the Royal Kunia Community Association, I am dealt with different situations where I would have to make a decision without my General Manager. There have been times where there are sprinkler leaks, questions regarding the Community Center activities, and Homeowner inquiries that need an immediate response. My position is to be able to answer those questions with discretion, and if it something that may need a higher authority, I will push it towards my General Manager or the Board of Directors for discussion.